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Purchase Assurance-About Us

Shop Safely with Benjamin Mark Purchase Assurance

In addition to honesty and integrity, expert knowledge is essential. Through every step of jewelry selection, Benjamin shares his knowledge with every customer. For example, for many years, jewelry sold in the USA that was stamped 14k was allowed a variance of +/-0.5 karats. That meant the item could be 13.5 carats instead of 14 karats. The law today states that true 14-karat gold must be stamped 14kp (the p stands for plumb). Common practice, however, remains entrenched in old world tradition, and today one does not always see 14kp stamped on every piece of jewelry sold in the USA.

Would you know the difference without Benjamin Mark Purchase Assurance? Benjamin removes this element of doubt and fear.

Purchase Assurance #1.
Whether marked 14k or 14kp, 14 karat gold jewelry from www.tyler-adam.com is guaranteed to always be plumb gold, ensuring that clients get full value.

Purchase Assurance #2.
Prices for jewelry sold on www.tyler-adam.com are significantly below retail.

Purchase Assurance #3.
No surprises. Jewelry from www.tyler-adam.com will always be exactly as described. If customers feel otherwise, they can call for a no-hassle return authorization within three days of receipt, for a refund or exchange.

Purchase Assurance #4.
If the jewelry item is damaged in transit, it will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

Purchase Assurance #5. Customer Appreciation Gift
Benjamin Mark wants customers to think of him every time they wear jewelry from www.tyler-adam.com, and even every time they wear a bracelet acquired anywhere else. So, while the supply lasts, with each order customers receive a FREE Bracelet Buddy bracelet fastening device that ends fumbling and struggling to secure bracelet clasps.
An $ 8.95 retail value, this device holds one end of a bracelet, while the user wraps the bracelet around their wrist to easily connect to the clasp. Especially helpful for persons with painful hands or limited hand mobility. Comes with instructions and a carry case.

Benjamin Mark Purchase Assurance also enables customers to personally access the extensive jewelry knowledge of Benjamin Mark. From silver to gold and platinum, from pearls to diamonds and every other gemstone, and from jewelry design to fabrication Benjamin Mark personally guides Tyler-Adam customers to the most beautiful, extra-value selections.


Benjamin Mark of Tyler Adam Corp. knows diamonds and jewelry. He is a virtuoso in his profession. When you want jewelry...when you want diamonds...you want an expert in his field. Benjamin Mark emanates from an old world family of diamond people. His father was a diamond sawyer. His uncle was a diamond cleaver. Benjamin was and is a diamond setter. When you want jewelry or diamonds you want someone who knows. Benjamin Mark of Tyler Adam Corp. knows. Benjamin Mark of Tyler Adam Corp has information at his fingertips stemming from generations in the business. Benefit from his experience. Be safe.

Tyler-Adam brings innovation and quality to the world of on-line jewelry. We will be bringing in new designers with innovative ideas on a regular basis. For the frugal and expansive fashion minded jewelry buyer tyler-adam.com is the online place to go.

Additionally Benjamin Mark excels in helping you to bring to life ideas stemming from cherished concepts as well as creations surrounding rare gemstones you might have in your possession. A prime example of this is a rare black opal that was purchased in Australia brought to him to create something special. The diamond tailed black opal comet available for viewing in the main slider at the top of our home page is an example of this.

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